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May 23, 2017

My Place Pizza, located at 322 Main St. in Poughkeepsie, is a special spot. It's a rock and roll pizzeria; a music venue that sells pizza and beer. Patrick FitzGerald, My Place Pizza owner, is a musician and performs under the name Six7. The podcast begins with his song "Goodbye Summertime/Suicide Pop Song." Check...

May 15, 2017

Artist Steven James Petruccio has illustrated more than 70 children's books (including a Smithsonian Oceanic Collection book and a book featured on Reading Rainbow), creates his own coloring books, is an adjunct lecturer in the Studio Art Department at Marist College, and has had his art featured at galleries throughout...

May 1, 2017

Ryan Bosch is a comedian, musician, and host of the Poughkeepsie-based Dead Radio Podcast along with Adam Patane. Bosch showcases his comic abilities on the show, which according to its description, discusses: "music, movies, local and national news, and genitalia." To check out the Dead Radio Podcast, visit them at: