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Jan 23, 2017

Episode 3: Pat Gasperini, guitarist and songwriter of Four by Fate, stops by the Hudson Valley Transmitter Podcast to talk about his band, the current state of rock and roll, how technology has changed music, what bands he likes and his songwriting and creative process. Pat previously played in Pound, which later...

Jan 9, 2017

Episode 2: Chris O’Neal discussed how the Hudson Valley and its odd buildings influence his artwork, early occult influences on the area, designing websites, formerly living in Brooklyn and the City of Newburgh (before recently heading to Kingston), David Bowie and other topics. Check out O’Neal’s work at

Jan 2, 2017

Episode 1: Tony Pena, Beacon's poet laureate, stopped by the Hudson Valley Transmitter Podcast to discuss poetry, his creative process, the job of a poet laureate and - rock and roll! Pena has a new book called "Blood and Beats and Rock n Roll," which is available on Amazon. This episode is brought to you by...